The Bond girl who found herself HOMELESS after being evicted from her house

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Sean Connery and Lana WoodPH/GETTY

Lana Wood with legendary Bond, Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever

In a body-hugging royal blue dress she leaned seductively over the casino craps table as Sean Connery’s 007, clad in white dress shirt and black bow tie, rolled the dice. Her dramatically plunging neckline, barely containing her ample décolletage, distracted every gambler’s attention.

Playing seductress Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds Are Forever, Lana Wood joined the select group of the world’s most glamorous women known as Bond Girls.

“Hi, I’m Plenty,” she purred. “But of course you are,” Connery replied. She was already Hollywood royalty as the sister of West Side Story star Natalie Wood but in life’s game of craps Lana Wood has lately been rolling snake eyes.

Her life of luxury came crashing down and years of decline left her homeless in April, battling crippling arthritis and struggling to care for her ailing family.

Barely surviving on cheap fast food, 71-year-old Lana has been scraping by in a cramped low-rent motel in an unfashionable LA suburb, with her daughter Evan, son in-law, three grandchildren and their two dogs. It was an ending as cruel as any that Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld might devise. 

“I have to somehow remain calm and not kill myself,” she said just a matter of weeks ago. “I don’t know how much more we can take.” How could her Hollywood fairytale have possibly ended so badly?

“Real life,” she says, with a shrug. But loyal fans who learned of Lana’s plight have donated more than $36,000 – about £28,000 – to get her off skid row, into a safe home this week and pay her family’s mounting medical bills.

“My life was rapidly falling apart,” she says, now settled into a modest home she can call her own – for now. “I still have my moments when it hits hard but the relief overshadows a lot of that. I’m overwhelmed with sincere gratitude. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for everyone saying, ‘I want to help.’ 

The house she's lostINSIDE OUT

Lana Wood had to move out from her home

They’ve given me a continuation of my life. My gratitude is endless.”

The money, raised by online crowdfunding, is a life-saver, she says: “Oh goodness, if I wasn’t able to touch it I wouldn’t have electricity, water or a roof over my head. I can stop chewing my nails and sobbing hysterically. My family is incredibly grateful.” It has been a slow but steady downward spiral for Lana, who once had a glittering Hollywood career and a Beverly Hills home.

She made her movie debut aged 10 in 1956 western The Searchers starring John Wayne, playing a younger version of the role portrayed by her sister Natalie Wood, eight years her senior. Lana went on to star in hit 1960s TV soap opera Peyton Place and won global fame in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever.

She appeared in TV series including Bonanza, The Fugitive, Mission Impossible and Starsky And Hutch. The curvaceous brunette had a fl ing with Connery, romanced French heart-throb Alain Delon, was a notch on the belt of womaniser Warren Beatty and ran through five husbands.