Social Media Not Panacea For Victory 2020 – NDC Chair Advises Members

National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, has advised party members not to rely solely on social media platforms as way of disseminating party message and ideals with the view to wining more souls for victory 2020.

Social Media Not Panacea For Victory 2020 – NDC Chair Advises Members
National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo

According to him, the creation of groups on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp is not a guarantee for the party winning 2020 polls and urged members to go out and meet the soul’s on-on-one and explain the NDC’s message to them.

“We must leave the WhatsApp platforms and go to the field and campaign on the ground. That is where the election will be won,” Mr. Ampofo urged NDC members.

The National Chairman gave the advice during his address at the 27th Anniversary Lecture of the NDC themed: “Revitalizing the NDC for Victory 2020: Targeting Effective Branch Organization.”

He observed that ordinary people like the Kayayees [head porters] are the natural allies of the party and so must do all it can to reconnect and keep them.

According to him, the party must focus on citizens and let people know that what separates the NDC from the other parties is that NDC is the party which “stands for the people and development.”

“We have also been advised that the NDC is a people-centered party. NDC says always for the people, always for development. So, in all that we do, the people must take the center stage,” Mr. Ampofo added.

The theme for the anniversary, according to the party, is aimed at revisiting the party’s identity as a political faction, its core principles, history, rights and wrongs, to help chart a better way forward to regain power.

The National Chairman’s advice follows similar observations made and concerns raised by the newly-elected Volta NDC Chair, Mr. Henry Ametefe, that, the use of social media platforms to attack Party Elders and those who hold dissenting views, must be discouraged.

According to him, the phenomenon is a very dangerous development in the Party, which if not checked, could destroy the once cohesive and united NDC forever.

To Mr. Ametefe, some undemocratic elements within the Party have resorted to the use of social media to assassinate people’s character; indult and attack very respected personalities within the Party, just to stifle free speech and dissenting views.

Mr. Ametefe, further observed that these unhistorical elements within the Party, most of whom are uniformed are mostly from the youth who could be described as “latter day saints”, indulged the habit of abusing the social media platform by using intemperate, abusive and foul language to attack Party Elders and those who have genuine concerns for the Party and therefore point out mistakes that need to be corrected.

He made the observation when he gave his victory speech last Sunday, after he was declared winner of the region’s chairmanship slot.

He noted that social media had been “Infested with too much character assassination. Too much indiscipline”, and “disruptive” of the achievements of the Party and must be watched.

Mr. Ametefe advised all within the Party to use the social media to promote the unity, peace and cohesiveness within the Party saying that was the surest way of coming back to power in 2020.

“Today the battle line is drawn between us and the NPP. They are destroying the beauty of our Democracy. All of you must come on board. The youth must collapse their social media that is full of attacks… social media is destroying the Party,” he stated.

According to him, the primary purpose of social media platforms was meant to help develop the youth and help them appreciate good governance yet that was not happening and that stakeholders needed to address the situation through responsible education.
Source: The Informer